Zoning in the Remote Outlying Areas

The Wrangell Borough Assembly approved the Ordinance Amending Title 20 Zoning on January 22, 2013, adding a Remote Residential Mixed-Use  Zoning District for remote parcels.

The Planning and Zoning Commission  worked with residents in the remote settlement of Farm Island, Thoms Place, Olive Cove, Meyers Chuck, Union Bay and Wrangell Island East to develop zoning requirements for their specific area.   

Several workshops and public hearings were held to receive input from landowners and residents within the remote subareas.  The Borough Assembly adopted the proposed changes on January 22, 2013.

The Planning and Zoning Commission and the Economic Development Committee are currently reviewing potential land uses for recently acquired lands that were selected from State lands as part of our Borough formation. Zoning for these areas has not yet been identified as both Committees are still reviewing options.  These selected areas include land on Zarembo Island, eastern portion of Wrangell Island, Babbler Point area on the mainland, Earl West Cove, Thoms Place, Sunny Bay on Cleveland Peninsula, and near 12 mile Zimovia Highway. 

Please call or email Economic Development Director at City Hall if you have any questions: 907-874-2381 or ecodev@wrangell.com.