Muskeg Meadows Golf Course

Wrangell's Golf Course is carved from a rain forest and its natural beauty defies description. Its ocean views, snow-capped mountains, and wildlife are remarkable. It is truly a memorable experience to play golf surrounded by all this beauty.

The USGA regulation course is a 9-hole course, with a 250 yard driving range. The annual opening tournament of Muskeg Meadows is the end of April each year.  This is also during the Spring migration of Bald Eagles and shore birds that congregate in Wrangell and nearby at the mouth of the Stikine River. There are different tournaments almost every weekend during the summer season.  All tournaments are open to anyone that wants to play, of all skill levels.  There is usually  a registration fee, but participants are rewarded with cash and prize awards.    

The Course is  rated and sloped as follows:

Blue 70.2/119
White 67.8/110
Red 68.4/112

Anyone who plays the course will find it very challenging, with a few unique hazards for the golfer to deal with. One of these hazards brought about the Raven Rule: It states that a ball stolen by a raven may be replaced, with no penalty, provided there is a witness!

Wrangell enthusiastically invites you to visit and play at Muskeg Meadows. Local stores rent clubs and provide transportation.

To learn more about Muskeg Meadows Golf Course and membership opportunities call 907-874-4653(GOLF),, P.O. Box 2199, Wrangell, AK 99929.

The summer golf tournament schedule is located on the Muskeg Meadows website