Wrangell Electrical System

Do you wonder why Wrangell power is on in one section of town but not another?

Wrangell Electrical consumption is divided into Feeder's (FDR 1, FDR 2, FDR 3, and FDR 4). These feeders are circuits responsible for providing power to different sections of town. Sometimes during a Power Outage only one or a few feeders are effected. Unaffected feeders remain powered on were as other feeders’ may need to be energized. When the entire town of Wrangell is bumped off power, one feeder is energized at a time allowing power to flow. Generally Feeders' including crucial life support such as the hospital or the airport take a higher priority and are energized first. Feeder 4 is always energized last since it includes primarily residential homes.

What Feeder includes your house or business?

Feeder 1 consists of Case Avenue from the Power Plant to Shake's Street, Church Street to the Ferry Terminal, all of Downtown (except in the winter months), and the Airport Loop from the Ferry Terminal to the USFS Building.

Feeder 2 consists of all of Shake's Street from Rayme's to Reliance. In the winter months it includes all of Downtown.

Feeder 3 starts at the corner of Case/Zimovia to the Public Safety Building then continues on both sides of Bennett to the USFS.

Feeder 4 also starts at the corner of Case/Zimovia but heads south to 13 mile. Feeder 4 also includes half of Panhandle and the Peninsula to the point