Wrangell Electrical System

If you have ever wondered just how much electricity is being used in Wrangell here is a new web link that can tell you exactly how much is being used any time of the day

On the left of the screen you can see how much we are producing with our generators. This usually will not show anything except for when we do our annual run so Tyee can do maintenance.

On the right the consumption is divided into Feeder's (FDR 1, FDR 2, FDR 3, and FDR 4).

Feeder 1 consists of Case Avenue from the Power Plant to Shake's Street, Church Street to the Ferry Terminal, all of Downtown (except in the winter months), and the Airport Loop from the Ferry Terminal to the USFS Building.

Feeder 2 consists of all of Shake's Street from Rayme's to Reliance. In the winter months it includes all of Downtown.

Feeder 3 starts at the corner of Case/Zimovia to the Public Safety Building then continues on both sides of Bennett to the USFS.

Feeder 4 also starts at the corner of Case/Zimovia but heads south to 13 mile. Feeder 4 also includes Peninsula to the point